Industrial fields

Multi-physics simulations

  • Aerodynamics

    External and internal aerodynamics Turbulence modeling: RANS, LES Aerodynamics coefficients evaluation Shape optimisation  

  • Hydraulics

    Internal flows Pressure drop estimations Transport properties (constant, polynomial, tabulated, janaf)

  • Dynamic meshes

    MRF and sliding mesh Dynamic mesh refinement 6 DOF mesh movement    

  • Wind engineering

    Numerical wind tunnel for buildings and environment Wind load on structures Pedestrian wind comfort Air flow simulation inside and around buildings Natural ventilation, thermal comfort, double skin facades

  • Mechanics

    Finite element method Stress and deformation Thermal stress (conduction, radiation) Fluid/structure interaction  

  • Heat transfers

    Conduction, convection, radiation Natural convection : Boussinesq orcompressible Multi region (solid/fluide) heat transfers

  • Combustion

    Turbulent combustion Premixed and diffusion flames Turbulence: RANS, LES Detailed chemistry and tabulations  

  • Multiphase flows

    VOF, Eulerian, Lagragian Sprays Wall films Phase change  

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